Tait Radios and Repeaters

Tait Australia

Tait Authorised Solution Partner

Tait Australia are leading suppliers in repeaters and mobile radio equipment in both UHF and VHF bands. Tait has a large range of Portable Radio Systems, Mobile Radio Systems and Base Stations/Repeaters.

Portable Radio Systems

Mobile Radio Systems

• TP9400 Series portable radios
• TP9300 Series portable radios
• TP9361 Series portable radios
• TP9461 Series portable radios
• TM9300 Series Mobile radios
• TM9400 Series Mobile radios


 • TB7100 Repeaters
• TB7300 Repeaters
• TB8100 Repeaters
• TB9100 Repeaters
 • TB9300 Repeaters
• TB9400 Repeaters