Motorola Radios and Repeaters


Miles Electronics is a Silver Radio Channel Partner with Motorola. We are authorised to provide professional services in

  • Professional and Commercial Radio
  • Mission Critical Radio Systems

Motorola has a reputation in professional radio communications for quality and reliability. That’s why Motorola is chosen by Emergency Services, mining operations and mission critical services throughout the world. Miles Electronics have an extensive range of Digital Portable Radio systems, Digital Radio systems and Repeaters, as well as accessories and spare parts.

Mototrbo E-Series

Portable Radios

Mototrbo Digital Portable



• DP2000E Series Portable radio

• DP3441E Series Portable radio

•DP3661E Series Portable radio

•DP4000E Series Portable radio

•SL4010E Series Portable radio

• DP2400 Digital portable radios
• DP2600 Digital portable radios
• DP3441 Digital portable radios
• DP4400 / DP4401 Digital portable radios
• DP4600 / DP4601 Digital portable radios
• DP4800 / DP4801 Digital portable radios
• SL4010 Digital portable radios

Mototrbo E-Series

Mobile Radios

Mototrbo repeaters

• DM4400E / DP4401E Digital mobile radios
• DM4600E / DP4601E Digital mobile radios
• DR3000 Digital repeaters
• MTR 3000 Digital repeaters
• SLR 5000 Digital repeaters